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Adeline Troude - Actress – Musician

Adeline Troude - Comédienne et Musicienne

"the joys and tears" of the e-casting 

As an experienced artist, Adeline Troude has performed with well-known directors such as Roger Planchon but also with upcoming new directors. Professionnaly established, she has just been selected for the second starring role in "l'Héritage des Ombres", a long-lengh movie directed by Philippe Napias. During our conversation with her about "the joys and tears" of the e-casting, this young actress speaks about the various ambiguity people can be facing while surfing for the good lead.

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Hi Adeline Troude and thank you very much for your collaboration for the Art’n Show interview. Could you describe yourself briefly to our audience?

I’m 23; I’m an actress and a musician. I practice music with love and passion since the age of 9 and I started theatre courses at 12. I leave between Paris and Marseille (yes! It’s possible!) and travel a lot.

What is your background?

Oh, quite simple really. I started theatre at school, then I joined a group and we worked on various classical and modern pieces of works . I quickly realised that my work was mostly progressing while doing it and not so much at school. It seems that I work well under pressure when it’s time to deliver, when it’s time for no mistake. This is when I started to look up for cinema; it seemed closer to me, closer to my sensitivity. 

What are the movies you have been involved in? 

My first real role was in “Lautrec” directed by Roger Planchon. I was a prostitute…back in the centuries…I accepted to perform nearly naked…it wasn’t easy…but an experience you can’t forget. Then, I’ve been in “Petits Desordres Amoureux” by Olivier Peray: I was playing a young woman in love Location: the famous Parc du Luxembourg in Paris. I was also in “Laissons Lucie Faire” by Emmanuel Mouret. I have also featured in many adverts, worked for Canal Plus, TV series and short-length movies that I particularly love. 

What are the roles you’ve loved the most? 

With no hesitation “Nastia” in “Les bas Fonds” directed by Gorki and Dorine in Tartuffe written by Moliere. Those are both theatre roles.

Have you ever wanted to change your career? Get another job?

As far as I am concerned, Never! No, I have never doubted my choice in regard to my desire or my driving force to do that job. my "job” No! It’s my life, enable me to believe and realise my dreams. This is the only way for me to express my views. However, sometime by fatalism or scepticism, I unfortunately noticed that the percentage of success is a small figure, “many are called, few are chosen”. My convictions are really strong but fears to spend life to try to build inaccessible dreams….keep me awake sometimes at night!!! 

What do you think about the e-casting?

I bought a computer last June and I spent many months contacting people of the industry. Yes, there is some good things, some good leads. I’ve just got the 2nd female role in “L’Heritage des Ombres” directed by Philippe Napias. However, there are many sites of mediocre quality. The classified are rarely updated; often the movie has already been shot! Sometime it’s just a question of design and assiduity: spelling mistakes….clashing colours and so on. And the worse, some sites just make you pay endlessly but agreements never reach your letterbox! A good thing with the e-casting, is that it allow you some time to think and reflect. You are just facing a computer screen and no pressure is on you. 

Can you describe one “bad experience” of your e-casting? 

2 Years ago, I applied for a casting: a photographer was looking for models. After few questions, I quickly realised that he just wanted me to sign an agreement where I was waving all rights and of course, it was for an erotic photo shooting. I stood up and left. There are also agencies, they’ve asked for FF1000, FF2000. Few weeks later, the agencies disappear with your money. My advice: always read carefully agreements. through the Internet?

Have you got advices to give to young women who want to promote themselves through the Internet?

Well, even if being a comedian is a individual quest sometimes, it is strongly linked to the show business. Young women have to know why they are there for. If you answer to an ad and get to get a meeting, it is a good idea to take a friend with you, never go just by your own, you never know who you are going to meet. Pictures are nowadays really easy to edit, and nobody would want to be seen in a compromising situation. Also, don’t leave all your details. In regards to the castings, it is always good to get more info before hand.

Philippe Napia has selected you for the long length movie " l'Héritage des Ombres". Can you tell us more about it? 

It’s a medieval fantastic movie. We should start shooting early 2002. I believe a lot in the team and the movie is really exciting.

Any other projects?

Plenty!! I write a lot. I dream since years to direct my own long length movie. I’m looking for a team. I’ve got few short length movie to come and a Franco English long length movie. 

Adeline Troude, thank you.

 Tanslated by Adeline Troude
on December 21th,2001
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