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Nadia Bel - A voice, a woman...

A voice, a woman, the beautiful Esmeralda from "Notre Dame de Paris"

A voice, a woman, the beautiful Esmeralda from "Notre Dame de Paris"

We do  not have to present that wonderful musical of  Richard Cocciante and  Luc Plamondon, staged by Gilles Maheu ! Meet Nadia Bel, that good artist who replaced Helene Segara, for playing the part of Esmeralda.

La version française

Nadia Bel, we thank you for answering some questions for the portal Art 'n Show. Thanks, can you introduce yourself in a few words :

I am from Soissons. I love singing, I applied for the school of Alice Dona when I was 17 years old. I attended courses for a year then I took part of the theatre group of  "Notre Dame de Paris" after having succeeded in the  auditions.

How long have you been enjoying that  superb adventure  with  "Notre Dame de Paris"  ?

Since August 1998, first for the reharsals, then, I stood-in Hélène and Julie. In April 99, after the operation of Hélène, I played the part in  Canada, then, in the  Palais des Congrès in Paris.

Your formation in the school of Alice Dona prepared you as much for theatre as for singing. But, were you totally ready to play such a first part?

I am glad to see that others did not really succeed, that enabled me to play the part, avoiding mistakes.

Are you aware of being totally well-known by the professionals ? Moreover, is your nickname  Bebel "l'As des As" !

I did not know that I had that nickname it is very funny ! Indeed, I am happy to be well-known by the professionals, but the best gratitude is the one of the public.

Your fans appreciate your kindness, presence, your smiles. Is it easy for you to manage that sudden fame ? 

Yes ! Very easy ! This is not a constraint for me, on the contrary, I love the public and it is reciprocal. Without the public,  what would we be  ! 

Apart from personal skills, according to you, what are the qualifications the most difficult to acquire alone to do that job with success?

Patience ! Stubbordness ! And a lot of work.

For September, you plan to release your first album, what about it ?

We are finishing the paste-ups and we will come in studio in the next weeks, September at the latest.

What are you long-term projects ?

SINGING ! SINGING ! SINGING ! Singing again  ! As long as  possible. Besides, I have just been hired, once again, for  Mogador in  ESMERALDA since September and for a wqrldwide tour since April 2002, still in  ESMERALDA.

Thank you, Nadia Bel.

by Corinne Alfano
07/ 03/01
Translated by
Yasmina Guenifi
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